Anandaiah says no medicine as of now

Krishnapatnam’s famous Ayurvedic Practitioner Bonige Anandaiah suddenly made an appearance on media. He said that there is no truth regarding the distribution of medicine from today.

He requested people not to believe false media and come to Krishnapatnam for the medicine, he in fact said that he doesn’t even have the raw material to prepare the medicine.

Once he gets permission or clearance from the government to prepare the medicine he said he will make an official announcement regarding the distribution of the medicine.

Krishnapatnam which is in the Nellore district all of sudden became famous because of Anandaiah for the Ayurvedic medicine he made for COVID-19, by word of mouth positive talk regarding his medicine spread like wildfire and many queued to Krishnapatnam and there is a lot of traffic jam on the roads leading to Krishnapatnam and people formed long lines for his medicine.

As of now, the medicine is put on hold by the government, once if all hurdles are cleared we need to see how effective the medicine would be on corona patients. Let’s hope Anandaih’s medicine will be a game-changer that can cure this dreadful disease.

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