ANM booked for throwing Covid vaccine filled syringes into the dustbin

An incident has been reported from Jamalpur Primary Health Centre where ANM(auxiliary nurse midwife) Neha Khan is found inserting needles with syringes inside the body of the vaccine recipients and take them out without releasing the vaccine inside and later dump the vaccine-filled syringes into the dustbin.

ANM Neha Khan has been charged on Sunday for disposing of 29 syringes filled with COVID vaccine without administrating them to the beneficiaries.

In addition to this, the medical officer in charge of UPHC Dr. Afreen is also found guilty of hiding the details of this whole case. She neither took any action against Neha Khan nor did she bother to inform her superiors about Khan’s acts.

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Kalyani, the chief medical officer (CMO) of Aligarh, had ordered to probe into the incident with the help of a committee of additional CMO Dr. MK Mathur and deputy CMO Durgesh Kumar.

The probe committee interrogated the staff along with ANM Khan of Jamalpur UPHC and submitted its report. The DM has passed instruction to the health department to terminate her from the service.

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