Coronavirus vaccine: need to wait for 3 months after recovery

The People who have suffered with Covid-19 infection must wait for three months before they take a coronavirus vaccine irrespective of whether its the first or the second dose – the Union health ministry said on May 19, 2021. 

Just to speed up the recovery process some people are looking to avail the vaccine before the 3-month period after testing negative.

How long after the illness should one take the vaccine is a buzzing question on a date but the current government recommendations are to postpone till three months as by that time the antibodies and immunity that one has developed may begin to go weaker.

Dr. Shobha Gupta, The medical director, and IVF specialist, Mother’s Lap IVF Centre, New Delhi, said that three months is ideal for the jab after recovery. “The first dose of vaccine should be given three months after fully recovering from the disease. This holds the same for people who were hospitalized or were in-home quarantine while recovering from the infection.”

The strong immune response created by the Covid-19 vaccine may help you get rid of long covid symptoms in no time. This is because the vaccine has antiviral and immune-modulating effects because of which you will feel better. So, it is compulsory for each and everyone to get vaccinated once back on track after the Covid infection. Do not skip the vaccination as it is an important step to help keep safe. 

Studies and expert discussions say that there is no evidence that the vaccine helps one recover easily or keeps away someone from contracting the infection altogether. The vaccine can’t protect one fully from the infection. Its main objective is just to decrease the severity of illness in case of getting infected with the virus.

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