Covaxin: Mismatch in Production and What is Vent

The number of Covid vaccines produced in India and the number of vaccinations given out on daily basis shows a large incongruity in the case of Covaxin.

Statements are stating that around 6 Crore doses of vaccine are available for use in India. But Bharat Biotech has given out official data indicating 2.1 doses of vaccines being administered till Thursday morning. So where are the rest of the vaccines gone? Why the rest are not recorded anywhere?

Bharat Biotech has been repeatedly refusing to answer or offer comments on this present situation. Earlier, Krishna Ella , Bharat Biotech’s CMD passed the information on April 20 saying that 15 million doses had been produced in March and by April end the production count will be 20million doses. He also said the production in May would be 30 million or 3 crores. During January another news also was in the air saying that before the vaccination drive had even begun that the company had stockpiled 20 million doses of the vaccine.

Let us assume some part of the total production got exported. But still, a good number of vaccines must be under our umbrella.
Why only 2.1 crores being used? So many states have complained about the shortfall of Covaxin and people are long waiting for the second shot of Covaxin as there is a shutdown at vaccination centers.

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