COVID-19 patients to get a refund of Rs 10 Lakh For being overly charged

Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC) In Maharashtra has instructed one of the hospitals to make a refund of Rs 10 lakhs to the patients who are being overly charged for the COVID treatment at their hospital. On verifying the hospital records it’s been identified that 92 patients are highly charged for undergoing treatment with this hospital.

NMC Commissioner, Jalaj Sharma, stated in the press note that “Radiance Hospital has been charged for collecting different amounts from 92 patients admitted in the COVID ward”. For this, the hospital has been directed to refund Rs 10,32,243 to the patients concerned or their relatives within seven days.

Every state government has now started acting strictly on the hospitals that are extracting heavy bills on patients undergoing COVID treatment.

Under sections of the Epidemic and Disaster Management Acts and Maharashtra Essential Services Amendment Act, strict actions are going to be taken.

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