Covid and Financial worries

Covid-19 has been killing financially many people in India. There are instances where people are spending their entire savings to save their loved ones.

One case where an IT employee has spent a whopping 18 lakhs to save his parents and his brother from the infection which has affected their lungs. He admitted them in a private hospital where he made payments for Oxygen supplies, remdesivir injection, immunoglobulin, Ventilator and other medicines. After 10 days of struggle the doctors could save his brother but his both parents passed away.

Another case where an old age couple went to cremation ceremony of their relatives and fell prey to corona infection and both couple died after a week in hospital and the amount they paid to hospital was 10 lakhs as per sources.

One more case where an IT employee admitted his father in the hospital and spent 6 lakhs for hospital bed, medicines and Oxygen supplies and for time being this father recovered and was sent home where the rest of the treatment is being continued as the family purchased Oxygen concentrator for 1 lakh in the black market.

Hospitals in major cities and towns are almost charging 35k to 1 lakh INR per day and for medicines and other expenses just sky is the limit and it differ from patient to patient.

All people in India are desperately waiting for the second wave to end to get out of this nightmare, now it’s up to the government to start the vaccination drive as soon as possible to end this misery physically and financially for its citizens.

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