Covid Care Permit Cancelled For 33 Private Hospitals

The Krishna district administration in AP had canceled the Covid 19 treatment permission for 33 private hospitals on Sunday after conducting surprise checks across the state on private hospitals.

It has come to notice of the state officials that several of the private hospitals are collecting huge amounts of money from the patients by taking advantage of the whole situation. 

Even though the government had included the Covid 19 treatment under the Arogyasri scheme of list some of the private hospitals have been looting the patients taking advantage of the situation. 

The district administration had provided 6,000 beds under Arogyasri and another 3,000 beds at the Covid care centers for the second wave.

The state officials have given a strong warning to private hospitals to strictly adhere to the Covid 19 guidelines and they would keep such surprise checks on regular intervals to keep a tab on the whole situation. 

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