Delhi Allows Home Delivery Of Alcohol

Large queues were seen at several liquor stores in the city as people started to rush up to stock up alcohol after the first lockdown.
Seeing into this and the present prevailing pandemic conditions some decisions are made to control the whole situation.

The Delhi government has permitted the home delivery of liquor through mobile apps or websites with some rules governing the trade of alcohol in the national capital.

The license holders are also permitted to serve liquor in open spaces such as terraces, the courtyards of clubs, bars, and restaurants.

As per the government notification: “The licensee shall make delivery of liquor at the residences only if the order is received through a mobile app or online web portal and no delivery shall be made to any hostel, office, and institutions”.

The order made it clear that only holders of L-13 licenses will be allowed to carry out home deliveries. Other city outlets are not be permitted the home delivery option.

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