E-Learning The way Forward

E-learning allows educational instruction through electronic media like computers, internet, smartphone, i-pads, and the concept of E-learning has assumed unprecedented importance as the entire world is reeling under lockdown. Schools and colleges are closed, and we find tens of thousands of students cloistered at homes. Today E-learning has become a favorite new world of online lectures, learning, and entertainment and assessment. During the times of pandemic, the technology is keeping the students and teachers engaged, and even parents too seemed involved.

E-learning has many advantages over the traditional chalk and board teaching.

It’s a truly audio-visual method of learning which could create a captive, disciplined learning environment for all age groups, empower the student to get a sense of personal accomplishment.

Skill learning, competency in a particular expertise has to be seen as an individual-based and learner-focused mechanism. E-learning caters to different learning styles of the students, offers extensive flexibility, and gives them a free hand to follow their learning styles to focus on the competency in desired skills and specialized knowledge.

Traditional classrooms sometimes may discourage direct engagement with teachers; for example, a slow to grasp student may find it difficult to adjust in a conventional class. E-learning makes it easy for all mindsets of students to interact without fear of peer taunting, the discomfort of inhibitions, or teacher’s hurting remarks.

E-learning allows the students to listen to the lectures many times; revision of lessons can be at the click of a key at a convenient pace. 

E-learning or many online courses offer a variety of educational modules that could access the best global resources, listen to the experts in various fields that would make it easy for students to meet their personalized academic needs. It would further assist in developing communication skills, gain an understanding of endless knowledge themes, and enrich their comprehension on a one-to-one basis.

E-learning as it’s catered at the comfort of the homes with its three-dimensional presentations, along with audio-visuals. And when compared to the traditional classrooms, it is more likely to be visually stimulating to our senses, involves more person to person participation, highly engaging, and inevitably increases student’s interaction.

E-learning makes the tracking of the student’s assessment, learning abilities easily verifiable, referred, and improved and digitally stored. It would then be easy for the teachers to track and quickly assess the student’s performance and progress.

Courses offered through E-learning are endless; anyone can access the resources, and where many possibilities that the students can help themselves grow professionally, expand their horizons of inquiry, all at the comfort of homes, and besides, it is highly personalized.

E-learning is now seen in lakhs of homes as an acceptable alternative for classroom teaching during the corona pandemic scare. It is now being increasingly considered that E-learning is a platform that blends the technology with the best teaching methods and accommodates everyone’s academic requirement.

It saves money because it’s very cost-effective and saves time and stress as it eliminates daily commute, waiting, and related several activities. And one enormous advantage of E-learning is that it doesn’t require students to carry text-books and fill pages of notes.

It has a positive influence on the students because it’s encouraging, could access the subject many times, and it is student-centered.

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