Eligible for Covid-19 pension?

The dependent family members of industrial workers enrolled with Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) and who have died due to covid-19 will get a pension for two years. The scheme was announced on Saturday.

These benefits will be extended for a tenure of 2 years only which ending 24 March 2022. This period of 2 years is taken into account from the time when the first lockdown was announced.

Note: The deceased ESIC subscriber is also known as Insured Person (IP).

A family to become eligible to get the benefits must fulfill some criteria. Here are the key points to go eligible for this benefit.

  1. IP Must have been enrolled on the online portal of the social security body by a minimum of 90 days before the diagnosis of covid-19 infection resulting in death.
  2. IP must have been “employed for wages and ESIC contributions for at least 78 days should have been paid or payable in respect of deceased IP during one year immediately preceding the diagnosis of Covid disease resulting in death.

The dependents of IPs, who fulfill these eligibility conditions are entitled to receive monthly payment at 90% of the average daily wages of the IP during their life as per the Covid pension scheme. 

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