Gov. to Twitter – Stop “beating around the bush” and comply with the “laws of the land”.

Now it’s the time to see into what reply is given back by the government to twitter for its statements passed upon following the new IT rules, the potential threat to freedom of expression, and the use of intimidation tactics by the police.

The center strongly disapproved of Twitter for its statements claimed on police intimidation and the new digital rules.

Government asked them to stop “beating around the bush” and comply with the “laws of the land”.

The IT ministry has sent out a strong letter that the power to formulate laws is the sole right of the state and Twitter has no locus standi on this matter. Twitter has no right to dictate terms on what the legal policy framework be like.

The post by Twitter looks as if it tried to attempt to dictate its terms to the world’s largest democracy.

The government said,” Twitter’s statements are baseless and trying to defame India”.

Twitter today raised a point to the Government due to the clash that arises on new digital rules over the “Congress toolkit” row and marked out concern over “the potential threat to freedom of expression” and “the use of intimidation tactics by the police”. 

Twitter strongly said that while it will “strive to comply with applicable law”, it planned to ask for changes in the rules “that inhibit free, open conversation”.

Twitter’s spokesperson said we will continue to be strictly following the principles of transparency, a commitment to empowering every voice on the service, and protecting freedom of expression and privacy under the rule of law.

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