Government Employees’ Pension Rules Simplified

The Government has made some changes in the family pension rules for Central Government Employees due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The provisional family pension scheme can be used in case of death that happens during the pandemic either because of COVID or because of a non-COVID reason.

Without waiting for other formalities or procedural requirements to be completed Pandemic provisional family pension will be sanctioned immediately as and when a claim comes for family pension and death certificate from the eligible family members is produced as per the recent reform undertaken by the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare (DoPPW) during the COVID-19.

Previously, under Rule 80 (A) of the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972, the provisional family pension on death of the government servant during service could be sanctioned to the eligible member of the family only after the family pension was forwarded to the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO).

However, the new changes have brought at least some relief to the people eligible for this scheme.

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