Jeff Bezos passes the torch to Andy Jassy

July 5th this year will be the last day for Jeff Bezos to be the CEO of Amazon. It’s been 27 years that this company was founded, from an internet bookstore to an online e-commerce giant the company came a long way taking an unprecedented lead in this business. July 15th happens to be a sentimental date for him as he specifically chooses that date to quit his current position as he told to media at the Amazon shareholders meeting.

Andy Jassy would be his successor and he currently runs Amazon’s Cloud-Based Business.

Bezos current net value is $167 billion, he will be taking the executive chair of the company and will be focusing on his other ventures the Washington Post (Newspaper), Rocket ship Company, and Blue Origin.

Amazon also announced their latest acquisition would be Hollywood studio MGM for a staggering $8.45 billion which improves their video streaming service and adds more movies and shows to their arsenal.

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