Learn of Happy Hypoxia

A threat for youngsters.

Doctors are giving a big alert on Happy Hypoxia that is usually seen in youngsters damaging the lungs to a great extent. During this current wave a huge number of youngsters are getting hospitalized with symptoms of Covid-19.

Happy Hypoxia is a condition where the affected youngster does not feel any of the Covid-19 symptoms like breathlessness or chest discomfort which is usually caused due to low oxygen saturation levels. The affected youngsters show up such symptoms really late due to which the timely treatment is not reaching them. Some doctors are saying – by the time patients reach doctors the situation is going worse.

This phenomenon is mainly observed in youngsters as their immunity levels are high and can withstand the damage initially. Youngsters can hold up the comfort up to 81 saturation level whereas in elderly people they show up health deterioration right from saturation levels below 92.

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