Lions tested Covid-19 positive

The global pandemic not even left animals untouched. An year ago at New York’s Bronx Zoo a tiger has tested positive for COVID-19, they believed the tiger probably contracted the virus from a caretaker at that time. Such kind of a case is seen in Hyderabad’s Nehru Zoological Zoo where four Asiatic Lions and four Lioness are tested positive for covid-19.

Samples are collected from nose, throat and respiratory trachea for analysis and sources confirmed that the infection was not caused by any variant of concern. Animals were sedated during these procedures. As per sources the animals are responding to the treatment and will come to normalcy pretty soon.

There are reports of pet cats, dogs and few other species contracting the virus. Still there is no scientifically proven evidence that the virus can spread from animals to humans by their hair, fur, saliva or by touch. On the other hand humans can infect animals though.

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