Maharashtra Govt. probing on how celebrities & politicians get anti-COVID-19 drugs

The buzzing topic everywhere is the scarcity of anti-COVID drugs and injections across the country.

In this scare scenario how these celebrities and politicians are managing to obtain huge quantities of anti-COVID-19 drugs and injections has turned out to be a question now. The Bombay High Court on Thursday ordered the Maharashtra government to investigate this. The inquiry is going to be all around black-marketing, illegal procurement, hoarding, and providing spurious drugs.

As per the process, Only The Union government is authorized to allocate drugs. In this context, Justices Amjad Sayyad and GS Kulkarni passed their views saying celebrities might have had the noble intention of helping others but they are not authorized to do so.

The state had issued notices to Mumbai Congress MLA Zeeshan Siddique, actor Sonu Sood’s charity foundation, and some others also over this matter for which Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni announced that Mr. Siddique and Mr. Sood had replied saying they neither purchased nor stocked the medicines and injections. As per them, they just acted as arrangers by paying the cost of the medicines and in other cases without paying for them or by getting in touch with manufacturers.

Notices are also issued to some major drug-based companies including Cipla and others manufacturers for supplying Remdesivir drugs to celebrities.

How these drugs can come out to market or some celebrities without instructions from the central government without surpassing the guideline getting followed?

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