Mumbai boy applies for internship on CRED by a video – Earns an offer

These are the days were people are just trying to save their jobs by impressing their heads or just adjusting or compromising for some random job that they do not even like. 

But here is this guy Avkash Shah, a 21-year-old 3D graphic/motion designer from Mumbai who has amazed everyone by getting the desired internship that he was looking for.

Shah found an interesting way to approach his dream company by making a 3D video listing out his talent and why he would like to join Cred.

In this whole process of reaching out to the company, he also tagged CRED’s founder, Kunal Shah, and Head of Design, Harish Sivaramakrishnan.

In his words :

“I want to intern at CRED. Here’s my application. I figured that if I was going to apply, I’d make something worth it. It pays to be good,” his caption said.

The company’s founder, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, offered him an internship instantly by appreciating his innovative approach.

The company replied to him as :

“All of us at CRED Design Mafia loved what you have created here and we are certain that there is a lot more we can dream, envision, and create together. Welcome to the interns club at the CRED Design Mafia!,” he commented.

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