New update: 20 percent ethanol-blending in petrol by 2023

The government’s target plan for blending in petrol as per last year:

  • Reaching 10 percent ethanol-blending in petrol (10 percent of ethanol mixed with 90 percent of diesel) by 2022
  • 20 percent doping by 2030

While at the beginning of this year, the target for 20 percent blending was brought forward to 2025.

Now as per the latest news the government has again brought some updates to the schedule and changed the target by advancing the date by two years to 2023 for achieving 20 percent ethanol-blending with petrol. This will help to reduce India’s dependence on costly oil imports.

The Oil Ministry said in a Gazette notification that “The Central Government hereby directs that the oil companies shall sell ethanol-blended petrol with a percentage of ethanol up to 20 percent as per the Bureau of Indian Standards specifications, in the whole of the States and union territories”.

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