Nifty At Lifetime High

The Nifty on Monday afternoon touched 15,555.75 points which is a lifetime high record. Expert Analysts are saying that they expect the hiking trend to continue to show good performances in the short term and maintain their positions.

But now many of the investors have turned extra cautious about any correction in the market in the coming days due to this incredible run seen in Nifty.

Now those who have invested in SIPs are also a bit anxious on whether they should continue their investment or book profits to reduce any kind of sudden risk.

Here is a piece of information for SIP investors – Market fluctuation should be a minor factor for long-term investment. The SIP goes well irrespective of the short-term gains or possible losses. So there’s no need to change one’s market strategy because of these short-term fluctuations.

Experts say, Nifty is above the 15,000 marks now and may come down in a few months. But the index is almost certain to be at a much higher level five years from now. So the smart move right now is to keep your SIP investment going on.

Note: Investors can benefit from both bullish and bearish trends with the right planning

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