Now it is Going To Be East India For ‘Family Man 3’

Raj & Dk’s ‘Family Man’ second season which came out on June 4th is getting a lot of positive reviews and responses. Usually, After impressing everyone with the first season, most of the filmmakers disappoint the audience with the second season. But the case with Family Man is just different.

The first season touched terrorism and Pakistan. For the second season, they focused on Tamil politics and the LTTE organization.

The makers have given a hint about the 3rd season while progressing towards the end of the second season that the next mission will be set in the North-East part of our country.

Sources say that anti-social elements from China like the spread of the Covid-19 virus in India are going to be shown in the next season. Raj & DK are giving it a national wide appeal by exploring the anti-social elements all over the country.

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