Rahul Gandhi Again Accused PM Modi on Pandemic

At a virtual press meet, Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of making a mistake during the tough times of Covid and held him responsible for the Covid spiral that pushed the country into a crisis of resources, hospitals, and vaccines. He also passed a statement stating if the vaccination goes at the same current pace then our nation may have to undergo a wrap of multiple waves. 

He said PM Modi has failed terribly in managing the first wave. As a result, we are into the second wave. The first wave was all new to everyone. But how can our PM be so irresponsible in letting out our resources and making our nation face the worst during this wave too?

He passed comments like His nautanki (stunts) and failure to fulfill his responsibilities is the reason for the second wave. Adding fuel to the fire, the Congress MP said, the PM was “trying to repair his image but it was gone”.He described Prime Minister as “an event manager” who lived in a bubble.

Prakash Javadekar lashed Mr. Gandhi’s for using the word “nautanki” and declared that vaccinations in India would be finished by December 2021.

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