Savaari Car Rentals Offering Discount for Covid Related Hospital Visits

The cabs service “Savaari Car Rentals” have trained up their drivers on a 30-point checklist measures for covid safety and hygiene. All their cabs are deep cleaned, sanitized, and equipped with sanitizers for use of customers. They have trained their Drivers to follow maximum hygiene and safety norms while traveling with passengers, especially to hospitals and vaccination centers.

The exciting part of this news is that they are offering a discount of 15% for the passengers using their cabs to travel to the hospital for Covid related issues or vaccine centers.

Savaari has already served 25,000 customers during medical emergencies with a maximum demand in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad since April 2021. They are catering to 2000 cities with these facilities said Gaurav Aggarwal, founder, and chief executive officer.

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