The top Three Players take the same draw at Roland Garros

The top three Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic will feature in the same draw in the upcoming French Open. If Nadal and Djokovic can secure win all rounds they will have a semi-final match this year at the Clay Tournament.

Federer didn’t play last year’s French Open and didn’t spend much of his time on the clay surface as he skipped many clay-court tournaments, the chances for Federer to win are mostly unlikely as this is not his best surface and age is also a factor for him.

Nadal is once again the clear favorite as we all know how invincible he will be on a clay court, his recent victory in the Italian Open against Djokovic in the finals shows his abilities still are intact on Clay.

Djokovic will be a challenge for Nadal but time will decide wheater he can surpass the 13th time French Open Champion if they have a semifinal encounter. It’s very rare to see these three-star players in one draw and we think Nadal can outplay his competitors to win his 14th French Open Championship

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