US airlines catching up this summer. Can our Indian airlines catch up too?

The US airlines are making a comeback post-Covid-19 with many of its citizens making summer vacation plans. The Airfare costs are near or above pre-pandemic levels. More than one million have passed through US airports every day since March according to TSA.

Can we expect a similar uphill economy with our Indian airlines too? The second wave of Covid-19 hit our airlines very hard and companies are trying to sustain their business with declining passengers and no financial support from the government.  Some companies fear this situation might lead to bankruptcy.

The domestic passenger traffic dropped below 100,000 earlier this week. Amidst this severe condition many states like Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat made it compulsory for passengers to have negative RT PCR test reports to get an entry into their states. This according to airlines management has made things even worse and hit the airlines harder as getting a test report within 72 hours is very tough as Covid-19 cases are still very much prevalent in the country. Facing this uphill task the Airlines have approached the Government to eliminate the need for a negative RT PCR test so it makes travel a bit easier in this pandemic situation.

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