Vaccine At Crisis – Younger People To Be Put On Priority

Justice Sanghi reconsidering the whole vaccination model said It is being observed that the younger generation people are getting more affected than the elderly persons. And as per the existing policy, younger people are the ones who are kept at low priority for vaccinations, and jabs are scheduled for elders first.

Delhi high court reviewing the whole situation said that the younger generation is the future of the Nation. He added that in this time of crisis if a choice has to be made, “we have to choose the younger one” because an 80-year-old person has lived his life and he will not take the country forward. The judge said, “Ideally, we should be able to save everyone but if we have to choose, we have to save younger people”.

There are pleas mostly relating to the management of the COVID-19 crisis in Delhi. Continuously we are seeing a shortage of medicine to treat black fungus patients. In this view, all these discussions came into the picture.

The court made it clear saying however their intention behind all these talks is not to say that the lives of older people are not important. Undoubtedly they are the emotional support of any family. But So many young people have lost their lives to COVID-19.

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