Xiaomi – Mi TV 4A 40 Horizon Edition – in India

Xiaomi is to set in motion the arrival of new TV model – the Mi TV 4A 40 Horizon Edition – in India. This TV is planned to be launched into the Indian markets on June 1st as per sources but at the same time there is no specific information given out on dedicated launch event for this television.  

During September 2019, Mi TV 4A full-HD TV model was launched to which this new set is going to the upgraded version.

Xiaomi delineate the new model as an ‘immersive experience’ with ‘beautiful visuals’ and calls it ‘a work of art’. 

The tweet on social media given out by Xiaomi about this TV is as follows :

 “Uncover the excellence on the #HorizonEdition with Bezel-less design. Immersive. Work of Art. #MiTV4A40 coming on 01.06.2021. RT if you’re excited.”

This TV is to offer Google Assistant integration, run on the latest Patchwall software and come with Android TVs data saving features with 20W speakers supporting DTS-HD.

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